The COVID-19 pandemic is a constantly-moving target. Conditions change related to businesses opening, restrictions being put back in place, the debate about whether schools should reopen in person, and a host of other issues. Part of the reason that the country is so unsettled regarding the pandemic response is that it's become a situation with information overload - too much available material and too little screening of the information by "experts" in order to sort out the legitimate from the fake.
Fortunately for the restoration industry, an unprecedented level of collaboration has occurred between The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Those two premier associations serving cleaning and restoration professionals have put out three reports since the declaration of the pandemic.
On July 31, the fourth edition of the COVID-19 report was released. While the structure of the document did not change in a comprehensive way, a large number of smaller adjustments were made to reflect the latest scientific information. In addition, this fourth edition is now cosponsored by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and the input of the industrial hygiene community has strengthened both the technical aspects and the credibility of the document. As Dave Dybdahl, one of the multiple peer reviewers noted: “This report is the closest thing to an industry consensus document there is." 
Like all the previous documents, this fourth edition of the RIA/IICRC/AIHA the COVID-19 Pandemic Report is available free of charge.
Wonder Makers Environmental strongly recommends that any cleaning or restoration contractor read the latest version of the RIA/IICRC/AIHA report and build their customer services and internal processes around this information. As always, Wonder Makers stands ready to assist with the development of detailed specific internal company policies, review of specific buildings/circumstances in order to develop or review a proposed scope of work, and provide training to crew members and managers regarding the most efficient and effective work procedures. They are also using this latest edition of the report to update their free training program that explains the concepts laid out in this industry best source of pandemic related information. While that revision will be available soon, the existing training program covers the core elements, and is still suitable for providing key training to crew members who will be wiping touch points and applying EPA registered disinfectants.