The Legend Brands® Summit PTS is the first direct-drive truckmount in the industry to be protected by a nationwide ten-year limited warranty.

“This market-leading warranty protection has raised the bar for the truckmount industry,” said Glen Wilson, Vice President-Product Management for Legend Brands. “It reflects our complete confidence in a unit that will perform reliably for years beyond what other manufacturers can deliver, and at lower operating costs.”

Designed for installation in the highly popular Chevy/GM 6.0-liter van platform, the Summit delivers high vacuum, heat, and pressure for residential, multi-unit, and commercial cleaning—and for high-efficiency flood extraction on residential and commercial jobs.

The Summit PTS incorporates the high-throughput Gardner Denver 408TL tri-lobe blower to maximize extraction rates and accelerate drying time—a distinct advantage in today’s competitive cleaning market. A built-in stainless steel prefilter box is easily accessed from the front of the unit, and the General water pump delivers fully adjustable solution flows up to 1200 PSI and 5 GPM for increased cleaning productivity and versatility.

For a steady supply of heat, the Summit PTS utilizes the proven Sapphire Scientific® finned stainless steel tube coil system to capture heat from the blower. In addition, a flat-plate heat exchanger transfers heat from the vehicle’s engine coolant system to preheat the cooling solution.

“This unit delivers strong heat and superior cleaning efficiencies. It simply out-performs any direct-drive truckmount in its class,” said Wilson.

The exhaust system of the Summit PTS is Cerakote® treated to substantially reduce radiant heat and help lower internal van temperatures, which may extend the life of truckmount components.

Each Summit PTS is equipped with a 100 gallon marine-grade aluminum waste tank. The standard accessories package includes 100 ft. of 2 in. vacuum hoses, 100 ft. of solution hoses, 50 ft. water supply hose, and the 14-inch Low Profile 6-jet titanium wand with glide.

Buyers of the Summit PTS should register their purchase at and their truckmount invoice to to receive 12,000 Legend Rewards points that can be used for electronics, tools, travel and more. For details, go to Purchases between November 1 and December 31, 2019, may also qualify for a special $2,000 cash rebate from Legend Brands. See details at

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