HydraMaster is proud to introduce the newest addition to the EVOLUTION Wand series - the EVOLUTION RX12 Rotary Hard Surface Extraction Tool. The rotationally molded flex-handle, wand head and aircraft aluminum tubes make the EVOLUTION RX12 Rotary Hard Surface Tool nearly half the weight as comparable stainless steel wands and tools. This TOOL allows you to deep clean tile, stone, and concrete floors faster, easier and better than any other cleaning tool or system. Combined with your truckmount or high performance – high pressure portable extractor, it will deep clean better and dry faster than any automatic or robotic scrubber on the market

The tool agitates, washes, and rinses the surface and immediately recovers the soil and water at the same time. It works best at solution pressures between 800-1200psi. It blasts soil, dirt and grime from tile, stone and concrete surfaces and brightens up grout lines.

The durable roto-molded handle is spaced average shoulder width apart for a smoother ergonomic cleaning that feels like the tool is floating across the floor. The robust roto-mold design eliminates some of the flexing issues associated with other hard surface rotary extraction tools. The tool includes an easy access vacuum relief valve on the vacuum hose connection and employs  the highest quality , proven high speed  Mosmatic DXG Swivel  triple bearing system that is long lasting and maintenance free. All hardware and fasteners are corrosion resistant for longer life. Finally, the tool includes both a hard boot and brush ring for smooth or rough surfaces, and a 2” to 1.5” hose cuff adaptor for use with a high pressure portable.

hard surface extraction tool

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