The 2019 Recognizing Women in Restoration campaign is underway – and we need your help!

When R&R launched this award in 2016, we knew there were some kick butt women in restoration – but the list of nominees over the last three years has simply blown us away. In its first three years, we received more than 130 total nominations – at least 40 to 50 nominations per year.

Now, we are going through the nomination and entry process all over again.

You can find the nomination form here. Nominations can come in two forms:

  1. Women are welcomed and encouraged to fill out the form themselves.
  2. You can nominate someone you know and respect for the award!

The entry form on the website works for personal entries, or nominations alike. And other than our judges, no one knows which way the nomination came.

A few other things to note:

  • To qualify for this award, nominees must have at least 10 years of experience in the restoration industry. However, that can be in any capacity. This award is not just reserved for owners! We’ve had nominees from every level – technicians, marketing and sales reps, project managers, operations managers, and of course owners and presidents.
  • A panel of unbiased industry judges carefully reviews each award and score them. Those scores are then added together to determine the overall winner and runners up.
  • Our first three winners of the women in restoration award – Annissa Coy, Shelli Bagwell, and Lisa Cordasco – each have amethyst necklaces like what you see in the video; the gemstone now the trademark of this award. We can’t wait to hand out a fourth necklace with this year’s award!

Violand Management Associates has supported this award from the very beginning – and we are thrilled to have them returning yet again this year as our core sponsor. The 2019 winner will once again be featured in a spread in R&R. Watch the video above for more details on this award, and a very special offer from Violand! We also invite any and all women nominated for the award, or just interested in meeting and networking with fellow women in restoration, to the women in leadership half day event leading into the executive summit on Wednesday, June 19.

The deadline for entries and nominations is Friday, Feb. 22.