Do you have a "I know I'm successful when ____" list? How do YOU define success? For everyone, that's different!

In September, Annissa gave a presentation at The Experience in Las Vegas about creating a list of the most important things in life, then chasing after them. Here is Annissa's list (in no particular order):

  • Don't own an alarm clock
  • Wear whatever I want every day
  • Always have a tan line
  • Go visit family whenever I want
  • Wake up every day and choose what I want to do
  • Spend every day with my hubby
  • Have to get a passport with extra pages
  • Only work on projects because I WANT to, not because of money
  • My laptop is my office
  • More free days than work days
  • Debt free

How many do you think she's achieved? ALL OF THEM!