The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has announced that it has acquired the performance assessment and certification programs of the International Cleaning and Restoration Association (ICRA) as of August 31, 2018.

While ICRA originally was formed by a group of regional trade associations to establish a unified international trade association, there was also an interest in establishing performance assessment certifications. Performance assessments demonstrate the level at which a person can perform requisite tasks in a given work designation. ICRA initiated these assessments for the cleaning and restoration industry and has continued to work on these applications for various trade activities within the cleaning and restoration industries. However, ICRA has since determined development and maintenance of assessment programs will require greater resources than ICRA currently possesses.

For those currently registered or certified by the ICRA, the IICRC is pleased to welcome and has agreed to recognize ICRA assessment certificants, registered assessors and training providers; and IICRC thanks the leaders of ICRA for their contribution to the industry.

By uniting these programs within the IICRC, the industry is less divided. Developing all certifications under one roof allows greater exchange of information.  The net result is better training products available to the entire industry. Thus, IICRC will remain the premier cleaning and restoration industry leader in certification.

All other ICRA membership activities will revert back to regional associations. For membership information please contact the association in your area.

For further information about certifications or assessment please contact IICRC at: