In the midst of the worst of California's wildfires, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District issues an air quality advisory, and published an article with some key reminders are the dangers in wildfire smoke. The article answers 10 critical questions about wildfire smoke, many of which offer safety reminders for anyone breathing in smoky air - restoration contractors included!

  1. What is inside wildfire smoke?
  2. Why is it dangerous?
  3. What does research tell us about the types of smoke exposure we're now seeing in California?
  4. Is a weekend of exposure considered dangerous?
  5. Is the risk reduced if you're further away?
  6. The conventional wisdom is: If you smell smoke, you’re breathing it. But if you can’t smell it, you’re OK. Is that true?
  7. In some parts of California, our air pollution has been compared to Beijing, one of the world’s most polluted cities.  Is that a fair comparison?
  8. When the air is smoky, what the best way to protect yourself? 
  9. What devices do you recommend? Hey restorers, this is where you step in! You undoubtedly have equipment that will purify the air and remove the odor!
  10. Should we worry about our firefighters?

Click here to read the full article with all the answers!