Starting in May, Dri-Eaz equipment will start shipping with smart QR codes on the product label. When scanned from select Next Gear Solutions applications, the QR codes will provide verified equipment performance data to a mitigation contractor’s job file. Within seconds, a contractor will be able to scan multiple pieces of equipment into a room – getting feedback in real-time if they have added too little, too much, or not enough equipment per industry standards.

“We think contractors are going to love this simple enhancement that will make setting up their job that much easier,” said Brandon Burton, VP of Technical Application at Next Gear. “We have been working for awhile to create technology that makes applying complex standards simple. This is yet another step in the evolution, and we’re excited to say that there is much more to come.”

In addition to quickly recognizing equipment and making use of critical data, contractors will also be able to add equipment to their inventory for future jobs without cumbersome data entry. They can also log the GPS data of each scan to aid in verification of their job documentation as well as to track the last known location of their equipment and prevent loss.

“There is an exciting future ahead in exploring where hardware meets software. These QR codes are just the beginning of many industry-advancing projects that we expect to come out of our partnership with Next Gear,” said John Ormsby, President of LBG Distribution. “We are confident that our shared experience in creating the best products to support the best restoration practices will only be multiplied as we continue to innovate together.”

We invite everyone that will be attending the PLRB event in Orlando to come by the Next Gear Solutions or Legend Brands booths (126, 705, or 804) to see our innovative products for themselves.

Legend Brands combines over 185 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing equipment, accessories, and chemicals for professional cleaning, facility maintenance, portable environmental control, and water and fire damage restoration and remediation.

Next Gear Solutions, based in Oxford, MS, was formed in 2008 with a mission to take restoration companies paperless, automate their workflow, and bring efficiency to the entire business operation. Since 2009, Next Gear’s software suite has grown to include solutions for managed repair networks, franchisors, and carriers. Next Gear is the leading technology solution for the restoration contractor space with the largest footprint of best-in-class restoration contractors in 5 countries.