Welcome to the grand finale of Art and Dan's great series on synergy and team building. They laid the groundwork for this series back in July of 2017, and have building up to this point since then! If you have questions about your onboarding and orientation process, team synergy, or rockstar customer service, you'll likely find the answer within this series!

In this episode, the pair talks about helping nurture and grow an employee's potential that they may not see in themselves.

Miss an episode? Catch up on the entire series of videos, each of which is 5 minutes or less, right here:

Episode 1: Synergy & People
Episode 2: Attitude, Attitude, Attitude
Episode 3: New Employee Orientation
Episode 4: Onboarding 101 (Part 1)
Episode 5: Onboarding 101 (Part 2)
Episode 6: A Close Look at Orientation
Episode 7: Who Should Do Your Orientation?
Episode 8: How Do You Job Descriptions Stack Up?
Episode 9: Your Customer Service Policy
Episode 10: Your Customer Service Philosophy
Episode 11: Continuing the Customer Service Conversation
Episode 12: Subcontractor Orientation
Episode 13: Structure Contributes to Synergy
Episode 14: Organizational Structure & Your Team
Episode 15: Synergy & Money

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