Colorado Tri-Flo has released the Tri-Flo 120 20 Amp bed bug heating solution that easily kills bed bugs in rooms around 120 square feet. This solution comes with two ER1800, 110-volt 20-amp heaters, a high temp fan, and a laser infrared thermometer.
“The Tri-Flo 120 20 Amp provides bed bug solutions for smaller size rooms. It also provides the ability to turn a small room into a bed bug heating chamber, killing bed bugs where they live and breed. Don’t let the size of the ER1800 heater fool you. Each heater has only one plug, weighs 16 lbs., and puts out 6,150 BTU’s. Two of these heaters easily raise the temperature in a small room to over 121°F, sufficient to kill bed bugs.”, said Ron Elsis, VP Operations Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, LLC.
Tri-Flo solutions are safe, effective, environmentally friendly and are ETL Listed and bear the CE Mark. The patented design generates forced airflow to accomplish the necessary heating for killing bed bugs.