Colorado Tri-Flo announces that their Eradi-Flo 1400-watt (ER1400) bed bug heater is now ETL Listed. This listing completes the Eradi-Flo family of bed bug heaters to address the power requirements of all our customers.

“The ETL Listing for our ER1400 provides bed bug solutions to our customers with 110 volts 15 ampere circuits,” said Ron Elsis, VP Operations Colorado Tri-Flo Systems. “In addition to our existing 110 volts 20 ampere and 220 volt 30 / 50 ampere offerings, this listing completes our capability to deliver thermal bed bug solution to the full range of power requirements found on most sites.”

The Eradi-Flo line is used in the eradication of bed bugs, restoration and construction heating. Models include 1400W, 1800W, 110V-120V; 5000W and 10000W 208V-240V heaters. The patented design generates forced airflow to accomplish the necessary heating for killing bed bugs, drying out wet areas, and heating construction sites.

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