Colorado Tri-Flo has released the Restoration Heating solution that provides heated airflow necessary to dry out water damage. This solution comes with one ER5000, 5000-watt heater, two magnetic flanges, two 25’ mylar ducts with collars, and a 25’ 220-volt extension cord.

"The Restoration Heating solution provides heated airflow to assist in drying out water damage. Heat is necessary to break the chemical bonds that hold individual molecules that form liquid water together. For effective evaporation to occur, heat energy must be added to the water. This 5000-watt heater requires one 220-volt 30-amp circuit, weighs 33 lbs., and puts out 17,100 BTU’s.”, said Ron Elsis, EVP Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, LLC.

Advantage of Tri-Flo Heating Solutions:

  • Dual heat ports, 400 CFM from each port
  • No exhaust, therefore, no ventilation is required
  • No fuel required
  • 100% Energy Efficient
  • Zero Downtime for Refueling
  • Green, Environmentally Friendly

Tri-Flo solutions are safe, effective, environmentally friendly and are ETL Listed and bear the CE Mark. The patented design generates forced airflow to accomplish the heating drying necessary out for water damaged property.