Dwyer Group, Inc., one of the world’s largest franchising companies of service brands focused on repairing, maintaining and enhancing properties, celebrated a record year of global growth in 2017 and expanded the network to an all-time high around the world. Here are some highlights:

  • Company acquires two new brands
  • Organization grows to 19 consumer service brands (17 of them franchised), 12 service verticals
  • Network expands to over 2,800 franchise locations across nine countries
  • Brands exceed $1.5 billion in annual system-wide sales
  • Awards 300 franchises in 2017

“This was another historic year for our organization,” said Mike Bidwell, president and CEO of Dwyer Group. “With 12 service verticals, we continued to build on our leadership position, launched Neighborly, our comprehensive home services platform, and awarded 300 new franchises and territory expansions to provide our professional services to more customers than ever.”

Dwyer Group completed two acquisitions in 2017:

  • Bright & Beautiful, a home cleaning service based in the U.K, in April
  • Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, a long-standing commercial grounds-keeping service based in the U.K., in May

The acquisitions, along with strong growth of existing service brands, expanded the overall Dwyer Group roster to 17 franchise service brands and more than 2,800 franchise locations in nine countries around the world. Today, Dwyer Group’s service brands account for more than $1.5 billion in annual system-wide sales and 700+ employees across North America, the U.K and Germany. The company also broke ground this year on a new building at its Waco, Texas campus, which will house the growing support staff for our expanding franchise network.

The year also marked the launch of Neighborly, the Dwyer Group’s comprehensive home services platform. Neighborly unifies Dwyer Group’s community of experienced service professionals and gives homeowners instant access to a premium network of experts at GetNeighborly.com – including landscaping, plumbing, painting, housecleaning and more.

“Every accomplishment has reinforced our drive to grow and support the most compelling franchise opportunities in the home service industry and to scale that expertise on a global stage,” Bidwell said. “We celebrate our team’s achievements and their dedication to offering the most comprehensive residential and commercial service line-up to our customers.”