911 Restoration - The Fresh Start Company is celebrating the mark of their 10 year anniversary as operating as a successful franchise.

The past decade has made 911 Restoration confident that their proven business concept and is ready to reach a whole new level. They have over 150 territories currently operating throughout United States and Canada, finding themselves in a secure position in the industry.

In the past twelve months, 911 Restoration has experienced an outstanding 230% increase in franchise growth, which demonstrates their ability to succeed in the market. Their prosperity has caused them to set a goal to expand worldwide in the next five years, covering both the American and Canadian markets.

CEO Idan Shpizear stated, “We’ve built a proven system through our innovative approach, world-class service, and fresh start culture and we’re ready to spread our success by growing our franchise family.”

Several factors have contributed to the outstanding growth that 911 Restoration has experienced in the last 12 months, with CEO Idan’s “$18 Million Dollar System”, being the foundation of their success.

Although the organization is backed by many different support systems, there is one in particular that Idan credits for the majority of the company’s success. This is their powerful lead generation system, which their in-house marketing team and customer service department powers by handling all the customer calls that come in for their franchisees.

Through the addition of new franchisees to the 911 Restoration family and their established franchisees expanding their existing territories, this company has managed to rise to the top. By 2022, 911 Restoration expects to be providing people with fresh starts on a global level.