When it comes to helping people, 911 Restoration is on the front lines, swooping in at all hours to get property owners out of any disaster.

The full-service restoration company is expanding their reach so they can assist even more people in the United States by opening branches in Pittsburg, Mahoning Valley, Memphis Metro, and Tulsa.

Bob Thompson owns both 911 Restoration of Pittsburg and 911 Restoration of Mahoning Valley and has always had a passion for community service and has made charity work an essential part of his life. By running these new 911 Restoration locations, Bob can show people in Pennsylvania and Ohio that he cares and understands their needs as property owners in the Midwest.

Community members in the Memphis Metro area can also depend on 911 Restoration of Memphis Metro for immediate water damage and disaster restoration services. Together Rodney and Marva Bell, Keith Goodman, and Martez Conner have opened this location, and they are excited to prove their dedication to customer service. This team runs the branch as a family because they literally are one, and they will make sure the Memphis Metro community feels at home under their care.

Rick Goss is proud to open 911 Restoration of Iredell County with wife Brooke. The husband and wife team share a main goal to provide world-class experience to property owners affected with water damage emergencies. Their true care for the well-being of their community is what makes them excited to join 911 Restoration to help make a bigger impact on people’s lives.

Mike Manlandro is joining the Fresh Start family by opening the newest branch in Tulsa, where property owners can reach out to him day or night to receive emergency water damage services. Mike has 40 years of experience in the construction industry, so customers can feel completely confident in his ability to help them overcome a disaster by calling 911 Restoration of Tulsa.

Through this expansion, 911 Restoration can spread the Fresh Start attitude to each and every customer. The organization is committed to showing people the positive side of the restoration industry and its team members looking forward to growing more in the future.