Case Study Contest 2017

Describe this project.

Wylie,TX Hail Storm- April 2016
The amount of jobs coming in per hour from this storm created an immediate and simultaneous response from our crew. We responded to our first project during a break in the storm and then the calls came in very quickly after the storm had passed.

Organizing nearly 25 jobs within 48 hours, presented a challenge to coordinate crews, equipment, individual job information and maintaining existing projects.

Many customers contacted us as a result of other companies not recognizing damage or by talking to their neighbors so our total project number grew very quickly to 50 jobs within 10 days. Our total number of projects from this storm reached nearly 60 homes.

We wanted to keep our customers informed and give a peace of mind knowing that even though there were many other customers needing help, that they would have the care and attention needed to get their lives back to normal.

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What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? 

The challenge of successfully initiating and responding to nearly 60 jobs within this time period was made possible by our online project management system. Job-Dox allowed us to create a project, add contact information, insurance/claim details right away. From that point, we loaded photos and notes that could be viewed at any time by any of our team members as well as the customer and adjusters. Keeping all of the information available at all times in a mobile format allowed us to restore homes quickly and efficiently. Everything from thermal imaging, moisture readings, sketches, demo, debris haul off, photo journaling, project notes and customer communication could all be handled within Job-Dox. We could also track and schedule crews for dispatch based on their location and existing commitments. All of our equipment needs were documented and scheduled within the system and allowed us to be prepared for the next job.

Our project management system created a sense of transparency and open communication between us and the customers during the critical emergency services time period. Appointments were noted within each project with contact information, claim numbers and any special access instructions. Giving them full access to all photos documenting structure and content damage.

Restoration updates in real-time enabled them to feel confident in our work. This satisfaction lead to a profitable referral pattern that occurred once other friends and neighbors realized the extent of their damage was more than a previous restoration company was able to recognize. Insurance Adjusters and other third party members also had full access to project information which allowed them to move forward with the claim and getting funds dispersed to the us and the customer.

Our crews were able to stay organized throughout the process since all of the necessary information for each job was available to them no matter where they were by using phone or tablet on-site. They could load project photos, notes sign capture signatures for documents while on-site then continue on to the next job without having to return to the office or email the items to someone else. Receipts could be loaded quickly within the system to make sure they weren't lost or damaged and added to the correct project, resulting in a faster turnaround for current and projected budget reports. Work hours of all crews could be accurately documented in real-time for each job, preventing issues with lost time-sheets and miscalculations for insurance purposes. Teamwork was critical during this time, therefore communicating with each other accurately regarding each job was a must. All tasks for each team member and any project updates were documented within the system to ensure accuracy an d clarification regarding work that was completed or what needed to be done.

During the rebuilding phase, the Job-Dox system was an asset in project costs and tracking expenses for budgeting purposes. The project managers had full access to the list of items that needed to be done and each projected line item cost. Repair progress was available at any time for the customer and insurance adjuster, which was also helpful for the design and selection process of new materials.

From start to finish, we couldn’t not have completed these projects without our teamwork and Job-Dox. The project management software allowed us to easily communicate during a busy period and be efficient with our time and resources to help our customers get back to normal faster.

Anything else you'd like to share?

During the first few days of this project, the owner of the company was actually out of state. These projects were initiated successfully and the owner was able to stay updated on all projects at any time from any location!

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