Case Study Contest 2017

Describe this restoration project. 

We were called to clean an apartment that a young man was living in and had destroyed.
When we arrived, we were able to conclude that there was heavy intravenous drug use, heroin free basing, large amounts of cat urine and feces, along with squalid living conditions. There were built up trash piles in all areas of the apartment, cat feces throughout the entire apartment including in the bed in which this man was sleeping in, 1000+ syringes, 1500+ square aluminum foil pieces, urine-soaked clothing, bedding and carpet in both bedrooms and through the bathrooms, and bottles full of urine and vomit in which he was using in his closet. There were areas in which the drywall was so damaged by cat urine that it needed to be removed and replaced. Most of the interior doors were damaged and needed to be replaced.
We were able to fully clean this apartment and bring it back to livable conditions. The pictures really tell the story.

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What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

We were able to build a cleaning plan that began with the needle removal first, trash removal second, followed by removal and inventory of the salvageable personal items. Carpets, doors, and most base boards were removed followed by the blinds. We used an enzyme cleaner to remove the human and animal waste and cleaned from the ceiling down. We then disinfected with a ULV fogger and brought everything to a clean and healthy state for rebuilding.

Anything else you'd like to share?

This man had been living in this apartment for 4 years. He is now 28 years old and in the hospital recovering. He has had to have multiple surgeries on one on his eyes due to an infection that he got by not taking out his contacts for 9 months. He has also had to have his heart valves replaced due to the 10+ years of heroin use.

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