Editor’s Note: We received a lot of great submissions to R&R’s “I’ve Never Seen That Before…” contest, and while we’ve already chosen the winner and two honorable mentions -  which are featured in the Nov/Dec issue of R&R -  some of the other entries were too good to not share. Hence, we’ll be sharing some of them here on the blog in the coming weeks. Be sure to check out the "Oh, Rats!" submission we posted earlier this month.

The following submission comes to us from Michael Charles of Allergy Control (Oklahoma City, OK).

We had a customer complain that there was a bad odor coming from her air ducts.

When we arrived, we inserted the video camera to scope the air ducts and we found a dead cat that had been in the duct system for a few days.

Well, things got worse - when we attempted to remove the animal from the duct system, the poor cat came out in pieces. It took us hours to get this cleaned and the odor out of the system. Thanks to Oxine AD, we were able to restore clean air in the home.

Moral of the story: Do not leave the vent registers off on an under slab air duct system - your cat might get stuck like Fluffy.