Editor’s Note: We received a lot of great submissions to R&R’s “I’ve Never Seen That Before…” contest, and while we’ve already chosen the winner and two honorable mentions -  which are featured in the Nov/Dec issue of R&R -  some of the other entries were too good to not share. Hence, we’ll be sharing some of them here on the blog in the coming weeks.

The following submission comes to us from Kevin Cusker, of Rainbow International of Northwest Georgia (Morgantown, GA).

We were doing a job for a widowed woman. She lived alone and never ventured to her crawl space, that is until she had a flood.

Because a pipe was broken in the house, she went into the crawl space - the smell overwhelmed her and she saw water and a lot of microbial colonization. To make a very long story short, she had a plumber come to the house to find that there were eight pipes leaking in the crawl space.

Eight leaks? How so?

Almost all of the elbows on the water pipes that were in the crawl space were chewed by rats. Yes, the rats had gnawed on all the elbows. Definitely one of the weirdest jobs and strangest things I’ve seen on a job.