The PLR Expo is pleased to announce the Keynote speaker for this year’s PLR Expo, happening this October 24th to October 26th at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Canada.
This year`s Keynote speaker is “The Retired Spy” J.J. Brun.  Formerly “Operative 431”, he is now attending the PLR Expo to present Decoding Human Capital - How to Make Sense of the People Puzzles.
“We had a great discussion last year about generational change and the role of the team in business.” says PLR Expo General Manager, Anthony Martin. “We feel that JJ’s keynote will provide attendees with tools to help them learn to relate and communicate more effectively across cultures, in business & their personal lives.”
Registration is currently open, with an all-access badge, at the early-bird rate of $229.00.  
Keep an eye on the website,, for breakout speakers and the agenda to come.