Less than two months after opening Steamatic of South Denver, owner Ryan McClurg has made a strategic move to expand their service area by adding Steamatic of West Denver. McClurg and his team attended a two-week Steamatic University training at the Fort Worth corporate offices in April of this year, then returned to Colorado to open shop. They soon realized that adding a second location would allow them to more effectively service the entire Denver metro area.  
“Teaming up with an ambitious company like Steamatic was a no-brainer for us. But the one thing we hadn’t anticipated was just how much demand there was for a truly professional service in the Denver area, in the restoration and cleaning space. Once we realized there was no other company offering the standardization and continuity of service that we can provide with the Steamatic team, we immediately took the opportunity to capture market share in West Denver, as well. We’re just really happy that we can fulfill the needs of all the under-served customers in our area,” said McClurg.
Ryan’s decision to expand so rapidly fits perfectly with the new direction of Steamatic,” said Steve Willis, President of Steamatic, Inc. “Our focus on strategic growth with a new initiative to help get franchises operational faster will allow us to more effectively serve many metropolitan areas,” said Willis.