American Mold Products (AMP) is pleased to announce that Danny Cummings of Professional Restoration Services, Inc has joined the AMP distribution family. Danny serves customers in the Atlanta metropolitan area. His company specializes in water damage restoration, mold remediation, meth lab clean up, and crime scene cleanup. 
Danny has significant working knowledge of AMP's mold removal and prevention system because he has been a customer for more than five years. Danny became a distributor for four reasons:
"I joined the AMP family because the product works, saves time, and generates a significant return on investment. The primary reason I became a distributor, cost savings on chemical purchases. My average yearly chemical purchase is $36,000. Becoming an exclusive distributor reduces my cost significantly, the savings alone will pay for my investment.  
"The second reason, exclusivity. I know this is a great opportunity and wanted to secure my territory.  Exclusive rights to the mold removal and prevention system provides a significant advantage over my competitors, particularly because I can offer a 5 year up to 25 year guarantee. 
"The third reason, value.  Sure, the investment is $25,000, but I know I will recover my investment quickly because of the product credit of $13,000, the marketing support, and the exclusivity. Plus, I am really excited about the 4 days of training because I will learn how to service the mold sensitized market. 
"The final reason I am so thrilled to join the AMP family, recurring income.  Since I have the privilege of purchasing the products below retail cost I can earn profits from the resale of the other chemical lines manufactured by AMP."
AMP founder, Johnny Wells, has spent more than 15 years, researching, developing, and testing the AMP product line. He is excited because this marks the beginning of a new phase in the business. In Johnny's words:
"I have spent more than a third of my life working on these all natural chemical formulations using EPA-approved ingredients on the FDA Gras list. Now, we are pleased to be moving forward with its exclusive area distribution plan. The goal is to train contractors across North America on the application of this mold removal and prevention system so that AMP can serve the growing market of mold sensitized individuals and offer peace of mind to consumers seeking a guarantee."
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