American Mold Products (AMP) is pleased to announce it has signed a Master Distributor agreement with a group of investors based in Central Canada and the Western United States, CitriFresh Distribution (CFD).

CFD purchased North American distribution rights to AMP’s complete product line and will soon be offering the products through an ordering platform that will be launched online in early November.

CFD has the rights to sell the products to any consumer or contractor in North America. The initial marketing and distribution focus will be to restoration contractors in the United States.

Johnny Wells, the founder of AMP stated:

This is the first step in my dream to build market share for our unique line of mold removal, mold prevention, and cleaning products.  I have spent 15 years researching and developing my product line which uses all natural ingredients that are on the FDA Gras list.  I am pleased that another team of entrepreneurs will take over the marketing and distribution of my product line so that I can focus on increasing manufacturing efficiencies and developing new product lines.  This is an excellent partnership because I am now able to focus on my core strengths.

AMP has received an enormous level of interest in our products because of the mold removal and prevention system offered by our all natural product, Mold Zap, which can reduce mold removal time by 67%. 

Mold Zap has a sealer built into the product so as it dries, the sealer penetrates the wood and dries into the pores of the wood preventing the wood from absorbing moisture and also preventing the mold from developing a root system in the wood.  Some products in the market are able to kill the mold, but do not remove it which is not a long term solution because dead mold spores are harmful.  Other products on the market can seal wood, but do not prevent mold.  Our mold prevention system is special because it accomplishes the following all in one application of our proprietary chemical, Mold Zap:

  1. It kills the mold;
  2. It removes the mold; and
  3. It seals the wood to prevent future mold growth.

The major benefit this product offers to contractors is a huge time savings, not to mention the product will create peace of mind for their customers because the chemical is backed by a five year guarantee. 

AMP encourages contractors to invest in our Certified Applicator program which will be headed by our Master Trainer, Richard Baker, at our corporate head quarters.   Richard has been working with and training teams on our unique mold removal and prevention process for several years and looks forward to helping contractors reduce the time it takes to complete their mold removal projects using our unique system. 

The sales team for CFD will be headed by Brian Flynn, Vice President of Sales.  Brian has more than two decades of experience in the cleaning and restoration business and jumped at the opportunity to invest in the Master Distributorship.  In his words:

I was initially introduced to the products by AMP’s Director of Business Development, Sanjay Gupta.  After using and seeing how effective the products are, the decision to invest in this opportunity was a simple decision because I have seen how well the chemical works.  The products perform better than any other product on the market.  I look forward to sharing these products with other contractors in the market place.

Until recently, only contractors in the greater Atlanta area have been using our product to remove mold in crawl spaces, basements, and attics.  This reality will soon change once CFD begins its marketing and sales efforts.

AMP’s Director of Business Development, Sanjay Gupta, was asked to join the management team of CFD because of his strong working relationship with AMP’s founder, Johnny Wells.  Sanjay has been appointed the President/CEO of CFD by the Board and will oversee the relationship with the supplier, warehousing, distribution, marketing and all operational aspects of the business.  Sanjay has more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and distribution, and is pleased to join the CFD management team.  As Sanjay states:

I was thrilled when I was asked to join the CFD team for three key reasons. 

First, I believe in the vision of Johnny Wells.  He has spent more than 15 years researching, developing, and testing these products.  The products work.  In order to head up the marketing and distribution arm of the business, I need to believe in the products efficacy, which I do. 

Second, Johnny and his research, development, and testing team at AMP are mold removal experts.  They understand and apply the procedures and guidelines of the IICRC’s S520.  Their goal in developing this product line is not to cut corners, but improve upon the mold removal process and make it more efficient so contractors that use the products effectively can increase their profits. 

Finally, this is a great business partnership because it frees up AMP to focus on its core mission, to research, develop, and test new product lines.  As the Master Distributor, CFD’s core focus is to build distribution and market share for existing and future products manufactured by AMP. 

AMP products will be shipped out of a distribution facility in the southern US, upstate NY, with plans to set up a distribution facility on the West Coast.  Canadian distribution will be based out of Kingston, Ontario and will begin once the approval process for the products in Canada is complete.

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