American Mold Products (AMP) is pleased to announce that we are now offering a financing program to new distributors.
AMP says they have received an enormous level of interest in their program because of the mold removal and prevention system offered by our all natural product, Mold Zap.
According to AMP founder and the inventor, Johnny Wells, who has spent more than 15 years researching, developing, and testing his products, the level of interest is so strong because:
Mold Zap has a sealer built into the product so as it dries, the sealer penetrates the wood and dries into the pores of the wood preventing the wood from absorbing moisture and also preventing the mold from developing a root system in the wood. Some products in the market are able to kill the mold, but do not remove it which is not a long term solution because dead mold spores are harmful. Other products on the market can seal wood, but do not prevent mold. Our mold prevention system is special because it accomplishes the following all in one application of our proprietary chemical, Mold Zap: it kills the mold; it removes the mold; and it seals the wood to prevent future mold growth.
Until recently, only contractors in the greater Atlanta area have been using our product to remove mold in crawl spaces, basements, and attics.  
With the launch of a distributor program, AMP is setting its sights on developing a nationwide network of certified applicators that get trained.  
One of the key benefits we offer is exclusive territories to give members of the AMP family a competitive advantage in their market place and piece of mind!
As stated by Sanjay Gupta, Director of Business Development:
The value proposition offered by the AMP distributor program is significant because it includes an exclusive territory; product with a retail value of $13,000; 4 days of training; and significant marketing support.  Our financing program makes it easier for qualified restoration professionals to join the AMP family.  The cash flow from just one or two jobs per month will cover the monthly payment!  A win-win proposition.
To learn more about the AMP financing program, click here.