Each year, the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics honors companies that make a demonstrable effort to promote ethical business practices and Rainbow International has done this by adhering to their Code of Values. This year, Rainbow International of the South & West Suburbs (of Chicago) earned the prestigious BBB Award.
The 2016 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics for companies with 10-99 employees was presented to Rainbow International at the Better Business Bureau's luncheon that was held on Nov. 19 at Lowe's Chicago O'Hare Hotel.
This award is presented annually to outstanding businesses in recognition of their commitment to high standards in relationships with their customers, employees, suppliers, competitors, and the surrounding communities. This year, it drew in 2,000 nominations. Like the BBB Torch logo, the Torch Awards honor and help to illuminate the importance of a corporate conscience and the responsibility for creating a fair and honest marketplace.
“We conduct business above the line and it’s as simple as that,” remarked Rainbow International's President, John Gurtler. "Building a reputable brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of dedication to show the community you are serving that you are committed to them and you are always going to do right by them. It is a rewarding feeling when homeowners do put their faith in you and entrust that you will get them back into their homes."
"We are not the average contractor. Having the Better Business Bureau deem your company as an ethical one through the presentation of this award is truly a honor,” said Rainbow International's Business Development Manager, Niki Ramirez. 
There are two types of restoration contractors in the restoration industry: some of them operate through ethical standards and work alongside the insurance company and the insured. The others favor unscrupulous acts that extort money from the insurance company and their insured. Because Rainbow International believes in developing long-term relationships with their business partners, insureds and customers, they have worked hard to differentiate themselves from those around them. 
"Homeowners who have suffered a tragedy are usually in a vulnerable state of mind. We must prove ourselves through our actions in order to gain their trust during one of the most difficult times in their lives," Ramirez said.