Have you ever thought about your sources of business information as to what is true and what is not?  A lot of people depend on their circle of friends and business associates in their local area as to what is going on currently and where things are going in the future. 

Is it possible that there are some other options to be aware of that might be of help to your business information?  A few options come to mind, all of them outside of your local circle of influence. 

Let discuss each one separately.

  1. Industry Magazines
  2. Industry Conferences
  3. TPA Meetings
  4. Software Meetings
  5. Business Meetings
  6. New Books
  7. The Internet
  8. Videos
  • Industry magazines are a great source of current information as to what is going on in the industry. The magazines have done an excellent job of keeping the industry focused on the latest and greatest new things that are working in the industry. Everything from equipment to software to industry trends. For example, they have helped everyone keep current on social media, websites and how they are being used to a company’s best business interests.
  • Industry conferences are a unique opportunity to get face to face with a lot of different people and hear their thoughts and ideas as to what is going on and what may happen in the future. It also allows for people to socialize and maybe even have some fun in the process of the conference.
  • TPA (Third Party Administrator) meetings allow you to hear from the TPA and from the insurance companies they are working with and working on to become clients. It also allows you to hear how others are being treated in the TPA Process. You then get a chance to discuss options and how you might consider your future actions with the TPA process.
  • Software meetings are a look at the insides of the process of jobs and how to best handle the jobs being sent to you. It allows you, as a company, to set the rules that you want and need to operate on throughout your company. At the same time, you are also doing the job the way you have agreed to do the job.
  • Business meetings allow you to be able to get correct answers from other contractors that are just like your company in a lot of ways.  By attending these types of meetings, without the participants being competitors, you are able to get real data and therefore able to make much better decisions as to how to better run your company!
  • New books are a great source of potential new ideas that are being touted as the latest and greatest ideas to better run a business.  Whether or not the book is writing about your industry specifically, it allows you to consider whether or not the ideas would be appropriate or applicable to your business.
  • The internet is obviously a great resource to get information quickly, at your fingertips. Did you know many large restoration companies have blogs often offering expertise and real-world job recaps? These alone can hold a wealth of knowledge — and are found through a quick Google search.
  • No time to sit and read a book or article? Check out one of R&R’s Ask the Expert videos, or an industry-related podcast or webinar. You can work while listening to what industry pros have to say on a variety of restoration-related topics!

So the real question is whether or not you think that you need to expand your basis of information.  It’s certainly your call as to what you do in the future.  Based on what is happening in the business arena, it is critical that you know correct information in a timely manner in order to make the best decisions for you company and your future!

Wishing you good business efforts and the correct profit that you need to operate your business.