RIA Safe HarborThe Restoration Industry Association (RIA) kicked off its “Safe Harbor Initiative” earlier this week, and part of this initiative includes the Virtual Town Hall the association will host on Tuesday, November 11 at 10 a.m. CST. During this online event, RIA President Scott Stamper will further discuss the particulars of the settlement with ThermaPure and answer questions from the public in an open forum setting.

“Although we achieved a successful outcome in our patent lawsuit with ThermaPure, there are many who do not know or need to know more about the settlement terms and how it directly affects them,” says Stamper. “Over the coming months, RIA will be ramping up our communication efforts across a variety of channels in order to do just that.”

The RIA’s Safe Harbor Initiative is a multi-platform communications plan to further educate and raise awareness of the terms of the patent lawsuit settlement between RIA and ThermaPure, Inc. As part of its outreach, RIA  will also discuss the effects of the settlement as it relates to anyone that uses dry heat or heat as part of their drying methods, both RIA and non-RIA members.

In July of 2014, The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) and ThermaPure, Inc. announced the settlement of a patent lawsuit that RIA began in January 2013. As a result, the “Safe Harbor” clause was created exclusively for RIA members—current members, in good standing, receive immediate and automatic benefit from the terms of the settlement, while non-member restoration contractors receive benefits effective the date they join the association.

Says Stamper: “The Virtual Town Hall will be a great opportunity for the public to come and not only be further educated but also to get their questions answered in a live forum. They can also hear thoughts and opinions from other industry colleagues who are using dry heat or heat as part of their drying method in relation to the terms of the settlement.”

To attend the RIA Virtual Town Hall, reserve your webinar seat by clicking here.

To submit questions in advance of the event, e-mail them to Iris Kelley at ikelley@restorationindustry.org.