RR0712_RIA_img1_F.jpgThe Restoration Industry Association officially kicked off its Safe Harbor Initiative October 28 in a brief presentation that rehashed the settlement details from the RIA/ThermaPure patent infringement lawsuit and provided an outlook on how members would be briefed moving forward.

“The settlement that RIA has with ThermaPure provides for RIA members what has been dubbed ‘Safe Harbor,’” says RIA Executive Director Marc Selvitelli. “Over the next few weeks, the entire industry is really going to be hearing quite a bit more about Safe Harbor.”

As part of the Safe Harbor launch, Selvitelli and RIA President Scott Stamper announced the distribution of formal operation guidelines with heat and an FAQ sheet to cover perceived gray areas in the settlement. A virtual trade show has also been scheduled for November 11 to educate RIA members and further discuss the parameters that were agreed upon in the settlement.

To review, the settlement calls for ThermaPure to provide a covenant not to sue RIA members unless the member heats a structure to an ambient temperature in excess of 105°F, while practicing the other limitations of claims of ThermaPure's U. S. Patent 6,327,812 ('812 patent).

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RIA Operating Guidelines

RIA/ThermaPure Settlement FAQs