Ultrasonic cleaning is very important to have at your disposal when cleaning contents - especially those that have been affected by smoke and soot. This is sometimes the only effective way to clean items that are very detailed and intricate.

To understand why ultrasonic cleaning is so important to restorative cleaning, you need to understand how it works.

An ultrasonic tank creates what is called “cavitation.”Cavitation is millions of tiny bubbles imploding simultaneously at the same time over and over again. The energy that is inside these bubbles is what actually does the scrubbing and allows the cleaning solution to get into areas that otherwise may not be reachable by any other cleaning method. These bubbles are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye and this allows them to get into very intricate areas.

These bubbles carry the cleaning solution to the affected areas and remove all traces of smoke and soot. This is a powerful process and speeds the time necessary to clean the affected contents, making the whole process not only more effective but also very efficient, adding lots of profits to your bottom line.

Using this method of cleaning you will also be able to salvage and save items that otherwise would be destroyed. And that is our goal - to save everything that we possibly can as restorative cleaners.

An ultrasonic machine can range in price from about $8,000 to $16,000 depending on what size the machine is. There are some smaller table top models that are less expensive, but they will not allow you to clean larger items.

Ultrasonic cleaning can also be used on electronics, but you will need specialized training above and beyond the basic training needed to understand how to properly clean general household items.

It is important to get proper training before you start cleaning items ultrasonically as you can damage items like crystal, china and collectables. You need to know how to properly adjust your machine so you don't break items or remove finishes.