Disaster BrigadeDisaster Brigade, U.S.A. has launched an initiative to restore the lives and dignity of veterans through advanced training, networking and delivering opportunities to those who want to learn how to become self-employed through disaster restoration and preparedness services, according to a press release.

Jefferson City, Missouri has been selected as the national headquarters for Disaster Brigade.  The mid-Missouri full service disaster restoration business is operated by Ivan Turner, Co-founder and past president of AERODRY for 23 years. Between the National Initiative support team and the mid Missouri Disaster Restoration services unit, the company expects to hire 15 to 20 employees within the first year.

Purpose for the initiative:

  • Veterans are experienced in rapid mobilization. Who better to mobilize than our Vets?
  • The veteran unemployment rate is embarrassing and totally un-acceptable.
  • Veterans bring the discipline, leadership, and drive to make American the bastion of entrepreneurial drive it once was. 

America is responding to the plight of our warriors who have answered to the call of duty as they transition back into civilian life. They have protected us, honored our nation and in far too many cases, our men and women in uniform have made the ultimate sacrifice for each of us and the country that they valiantly fought to protect.

Disaster Brigade, U.S.A. stands ready to accept veterans, able-bodied and disabled alike who want to join our National Leadership Team and become productive in the civilian workforce. We have designed Disaster Brigade to couple veterans with established disaster restoration operators, and offer an advanced training platform that exceeds any other of its type. This will ensure that they get the right training to meet their personal goals and help Disaster Brigade U.S.A. build leadership teams in every state in America.

Much of the training cost may be financed through the GI Bill program, and for those that do not qualify, financial assistance is available through our lending partners.

Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, the inspiring Notre Dame football legend and current motivational speaker, will lead the national charge for Disaster Brigade, USA. Mark Ehrlich and Ivan Turner will also play a large role in raising awareness for the cause.

 For more information, visit www.disasterbrigade.com.