Aftermath Inc. announced that it is outfitting each of its national remediation teams with Charm Nova-Link portable adenosine triphosphate (ATP) fluorescence testing units, adding a new level of cutting edge technology, measurability and accountability to its cleaning operations. 

Aftermath integrated this technology into each service call in May, providing customers with readings before and after service is complete to confirm biological cleanliness at the scene. 

“This is an investment in accuracy and transparency,” said Tim Reifsteck, founder of Aftermath.  “The ATP reading shows the homeowner or property manager that the job was done correctly and that the remediation and cleaning processes sanitized surfaces to a microscopic level.” 

The ATP devices measure cellular energy molecules that indicate the presence of organic material.  ATP readings are an industry-accepted measure to ensure standards of cleanliness in hospital and food service settings.  

Aftermath is the first biohazard company to integrate ATP testing into its remediation processes. For more information, contact