Limited Liability Company (LLC) contractor’s licensing will become a reality in California this January.  California’s SB 392 signed by the Governor in 2010 authorizes the Contractor’s State License Board to issue LLC licenses for the first time. Currently the rule in many other States the new law gives the CSLB until January 1, 2012 to implement the change in California.

  A rush of applications to obtain this new license form is expected by contractors licensing expert and author, David Kalb, President of Capitol Services Inc. “At the latest CSLB meeting we learned that the Board’s IT department is working on programming this change.  New insurance forms are under review by the Attorney General, unique LLC applications are being written and licensing procedures created,” Kalb says.

  Kalb also notes, “Because of how the legislation was written, all LLC Officers, members, managers, or directors must be listed as personnel of record. Additionally applicants will need to submit electronic fingerprints, if not previously recorded by the CSLB. The law also requires a $100,000 surety bond (in addition to the $12,500 contractor’s bond) and a minimum one million dollar liability insurance policy.”