Suwanee, Georgia, August 9, 2010 – Abatement Technologies, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of world class air purification systems to restoration contractors, is pleased to announce the addition of Jim Anders to the company. Jim has taken on the role of providing technical assistance and sales support for Abatement’s water mitigation solutions to restoration and mold remediation contractors.

“Jim is a restoration professional with extensive experience in large-loss estimating, project management and successfully helping customers grow their businesses in the water restoration industry,” notes Dave Shagott, president of Abatement Technologies.

Prior to joining Abatement Technologies, Jim was responsible for national sales of a patented structural drying system to restoration contractors with the goal of expanding the customer base. Additional professional experience includes years as a structural drying specialist, marketing mitigation services to insurance companies and training technicians on using desiccant drying technology. Jim also has sales and account management experience in the high tech field. Jim holds certification in water restoration and structural drying and has a degree in Civil Structural Engineering.

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