Connections Events is looking for 10 more volunteers to assist us with building a live flood demonstration house at Connections Convention.

“We currently have a team of 10 assisting us. We come in early, the Saturday night before Connections and start work on Sunday morning. We work for 2 and half days building the structure and finishing the interiors. Please come join our team. Connections will pay for 2 nights hotel room at the Hilton to say thank you,” according to a statement.

“We want to make sure you have all the information you need in order to assist us during the building process. There will be approximately 20 volunteers working on the house. We have a few people bringing their own tools and it would be helpful if you had some of your own, that you like to work with and are comfortable using, but not required. Please contact us before shipping any large pieces of equipment.

“The group will arrive on Saturday September 3 and stay at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. A few of the group will arrive on Sunday. Meetings and Events Team will be arriving on Saturday morning to coordinate the gathering of all of the materials and to receive the orders from The Home Depot delivery men. Travis Olson will also be working on the layout of the floor plan with some volunteers.”

For more information contact Larry Cooper or Jennifer Wilkinson at 888-88-1001