GREENCASTLE -- For one Putnam County family, the flood disaster in June 2008 is still a nightmare. A family living near the Parke County line recently discovered problems with mold throughout their house. It is the residual effect of the 2008 flood.

The extent of the problem was not noticed until near Thanksgiving, when the family, who wish to remain anonymous, began pulling out cooking sheets from under their counters in the kitchen. They discovered mold growing up all the walls.

Their home suffered water damage in the flood but the family believed they had taken care of any problems associated with it.

The house will have to be demolishedbecause the mold is so extensive.

"This is a self-sufficient family who has always taken care of themselves. They dealt with the flood damage in June and thought everything was okay. Then they discovered the mold just before Thanksgiving. Now they don't even have a home," said Dick Andis, IND Funds coordinator for Putnam County.