HOUSTON, TX – June 2009 – SodaBlast Systems LLC proudly announces the release of their new website, www.bestgraffitiremoval.com. The site offers the latest on new green options for graffiti removal.

Featuring many user friendly options, this site gives visitors the choice to sign up for email news updates and information, locate a SodaBlast Contractor, and view a list of Frequently Asked Questions. There is a gallery of projects illustrating the complete before and after shots. There is even an option to view a video on the process and see in action how well it works.

The web site was launched due to the growing popularity of the Soda Blasting Delivery process with this industry. Graffiti accounts for nearly 35 percent of all property vandalism in the U.S. and has a significant impact on local communities: it drives down business revenue, damages citizen morale and lowers property values. Studies show that removing graffiti within 24 to 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of reoccurrence. Many solutions promise to eliminate graffiti altogether, but just end up leaving the property looking as unsightly - or worse - than it did before it was tagged.

Companies are choosing SodaBlasting because it eliminates Graffiti in a fraction of the time of other methods thus saving you money. With all the pressure for companies to go green, this process is the perfect solution and offers many benefits. To find out more, go to www.bestgraffitiremoval.com or call them at 800-216-SODA.