HOLLAND -- Up and down the manicured Carrington Place condominium complex, trash littered front and rear lawns Monday, the result of 24 of 26 units suffering substantial flood damage.

"It's an unpleasant clean-up to be sure," said Donald A. Vandenberg, a retired Reformed Church in America minister who discovered 6 feet of storm-and-waste water in his finished basement Friday night. "You just cope with it the best you can and work for a quick recovery."

While Vandenberg and his neighbors helped each other -- and front-end loaders filled with rubbish cruised through the development -- officials in Allegan and Ottawa counties say the restoration will be anything but immediate for public thoroughfares.

The 7-inch deluge in 18 hours wreaked havoc on roads that could take up to a year to repair in some locations.

State and federal money will come in as a trickle, if at all, officials said.Want the whole story?