Gaylord Entertainment Co.'s shareholders met Thursday morning inside a cafeteria at Gaylord's corporate headquarters - a far cry from the normally-opulent but currently flood-ravaged Opryland Resort and Convention Center two miles away, where the meeting was originally supposed to take place.

Evidence of the flood was still very visible today at Gaylord’s properties northeast of downtown Nashville, but floodwaters have dramatically receded from their height earlier this week. The road between Gaylord headquarters and the rear of Opry Mills Mall was caked in mud and strewn with trash, leaves and limbs. From other surrounding roadways, workers could be seen pumping water out of the Opryland Hotel.

Security guards manned the resort’s entrancesand only allowed authorized personnel and service vehicles -such as one from Marathon Flood Restoration of Milwaukee - to enter. Other disaster restoration teams, such as Gallatin-based ServPro Industries, trolled the area looking for customers. From The Nashville Business Journal.