DOYLESTOWN, PA, MARCH 18, 2009 - Demolition contractors, engineers, general contractors, government regulators, the public, and the media now have a new authoritative source of information of all things involved with the demolition process at the National Demolition Association's redesigned and revitalized website

As part of its strategic growth plan for the future, the Association is accompanying the unveiling of the massively upgraded website with the introduction of a new logo and a new organizational tagline, "Making Way," to communicate the promise that progress accompanies the demolition process.

"The demolition industry has evolved into a very diverse and sophisticated business since the founding of our Association 37 years ago. Today it includes not only demolition contractors, but also companies involved in the broad spectrum of demolition-related services," explained Michael R. Taylor, CAE, Executive Director. "We want our website to be the foremost source of information for all of these constituents, which is why we completely revamped it to put everything visitors need at their fingertips. It's now the gateway to all information needed on the demolition process, on a worldwide basis."

The fresh, concise redesign and the enhanced, simplified navigation system enable visitors to quickly find what they are searching for on the site. One of the most noteworthy additions to the site is a series of new videos which answer questions such as "When is Demolition Needed?" "What is the Process of Demolition?" "How Does our Work Benefit Society?" and "How Does the NDA Supports its Members?"

Other features of the website will be safety-training courses, a member or supplier locator, access to the Demolition Safety Manual, or downloads of the training videos.

The new logo found on the National Demolition Association site - a stylized wrecking ball within a box - presents a streamlined look of commitment and competency. The simple, bold statement represents the past, present, and future of the demolition process.

Developing an appropriate tagline to convey the value of the demolition process led to the choice of "Making Way." "This short, bold statement captures everything involved in demolition from demolishing structures to abating asbestos, cleaning up weapons site or remediating Brownfields," Taylor said. He pointed out that many of today's demolition firms are vertically integrated, owning their downstream buyers. "Many of our current members also provide services that may include construction and demolition debris recycling, landfill operations, and salvaging, while others perform hazardous material management and remediation which often precedes the actual structure take-down," he added. These businesses, as well as civil engineering, architectural, and general contracting firm, are all viewed as being part of the demolition process.

According to Taylor, the phrase "Making Way" conveys the fact that demolition professionals make way for the future, for new development, for historic preservation, for better schools, safer factories, and more jobs. "We 'make way' for a safer environment, cleaner streams, better public service, and economic progress."