March 3, 2009 – BURLINGTON, WASH. – Purdue University has selected the New Guide to Restorative Drying to be one of the textbooks for its newly established disaster restoration and reconstruction specialization program.

Offered by Purdue’s Department of Building Construction Management, the program will teach students how to manage situations that involve the restoration and reconstruction of buildings after disasters.

The New Guide, published by Dri-Eaz Products, Inc., has become the leading authority on restorative drying techniques and the science behind restorative drying. The book already serves as the foundation for all Dri-Eaz restorative drying courses and is used by many other restoration schools as well.

“The New Guide to Restorative Drying is a wonderful technical publication,” said Randy Rapp, Associate Professor in Purdue’s department of Building Construction Management. “It is suitably comprehensive, yet succinct and readily understood. The combination of well-organized diagrams, photos, and explanations appears to be just right for the students in our disaster restoration and reconstruction management concentration."

Purdue will offer the specialization beginning the 2009 spring semester. Robert F. Cox, professor and head of the program, said in a recent release, “In the past several years, we’ve seen many disasters in this country, such as Hurricane Katrina, that require individuals with a strong knowledge in the construction industry, the science and technology of disaster response and restoration, as well as the management of people, finances, and processes common to post-disaster situations.

“Graduates of this specialization will have a broad knowledge in all of these areas,” continued Cox. “They will be qualified to work as contractors, company owners, in insurance or in regulatory career positions.”

The New Guide is a distillation of more than thirty years of restorative drying experience and research. “It represents the latest understanding of restorative drying science,” said Brandon Burton, Education Manager at Dri-Eaz and one of the key contributors to the book. “We drew on the experience and knowledge of numerous technical experts and industry veterans. It’s accurate, practical, and clearly focused on the real-world challenges restorers face.”

The New Guide to Restorative Drying is available for purchase from Dri-Eaz distributors nation-wide. More information about Purdue’s Building Construction Management is available at or by calling (765) 494-2459