NADCA’s Regional Technical Seminars are all about giving your employees the skills to take on new types of projects, allowing you to expand your company’s services and bring in more revenue.

This year, NADCA is offering an entirely new program all about getting your business ready to attack the commercial/institutional market. This seminar series will also offer the opportunity to become either ASCS or CVI certified – credentials frequently requested in the commercial/institution and residential markets.

There is a definite need for OSHA training in your company if you’re thinking about expanding the services you offer. It’s not just “good” to have this type of training, it’s mandatory for commercial/institution jobs, many of which have an extremely generous pay scale. The OSHA training that will be offered during the Technical Seminars is unlike what you’ll get anywhere else – it is geared specifically to the HVAC inspection, maintenance and restoration industry.

In addition, representatives from 3M will teach a portion of the seminar, focusing on basic respirator knowledge. The 3M presentation will include the essential elements for creating a Respirator Program, and an audio/video presentation of the OSHA Qualitative Fit Test (QLFT) Procedure.

Certification is another reason you should sign your people up for the Regional Technical Seminars. The Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) Certification is the basis for a career in HVAC inspection, maintenance and certification, and is frequently requested by consumers and commercial users. In addition, having an employee who is a Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI) at your company is a huge asset, as they are armed with the knowledge needed to inspect and assess HVAC systems.

NADCA’s Regional Technical Seminars are just what you’ve been looking for in this tough economy – the opportunity to take your employees and your company to the next level of service.

NADCA Technical Seminars Dates and Locations
  • August 20-22 – Nashville, Tennessee
  • September 10-12 – Baltimore, Maryland
  • October 8-10 – Las Vegas, Nevada
Contact NADCA for more information by calling (202) 737-2926 or sending an e-mail to