Those searching for expert instruction on HVAC system cleaning should look no further than NADCA’s 2008 Technical Seminars. NADCA: The HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration Association is offering a combination of hands-on training and classroom instruction during its 2008 Technical Seminars:

    August 14-16 in Chicago, Ill.
  • September 11-13 in Baltimore, Md.; and
  • October 2-4 in Jacksonville, Fla.

In this ever-expanding industry, proper training is critical to achieving career success as an HVAC maintenance and restoration professional. During each of the Technical Seminars, NADCA’s knowledgeable and experienced instructors provide the education base needed to excel in the HVAC system cleaning industry.

The classroom instruction portion of the Technical Seminars will cover a wide range of safety issues pertaining to HVAC cleaning, including fall protection and how to handle and store materials. Instructors will provide an overview of HVAC systems, focusing on duct materials, system components and equipment types. More specifically, attendees will learn how to safely use and maintain HVAC cleaning equipment.

Rounding out the classroom instruction will be discussion about industry standards, with in-depth attention paid to NADCA’s ACR 2006 standard. Instructors will teach the proper method for conducting the NADCA vacuum test. Other relevant industry-wide standards and guidelines will be discussed as well.

To ensure attendees receive the most well-rounded training available, NADCA’s Technical Seminars also focus on customer service. Attendees will learn the importance of maintaining a professional appearance, a clean jobsite, and properly completed paperwork and records.

The hands-on portion of the Technical Seminars is designed to complement the classroom component of the program. Since most people learn best by doing, participants will have an opportunity to get some hands-on practice in the following areas: Application of Vacuum Collection Equipment; Accessing and Closing HVAC Systems; Cleaning HVAC Components: Blowers, Coils and More; Cleaning Tools: Brushes and Air Whips; Remote Inspection Equipment; and Up Close: Personal Protective Equipment.

Attendees will also be taken on a tour of the hotel’s HVAC system, offering a true audience-participation experience. This session will provide an up-close encounter with a hotel mechanical system, and will be led by an experienced HVAC cleaning professional. The tour will provide a practical application of the lessons learned during the introductory session.

For those considering NADCA certification, enrollment in the Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) Training Course is available in conjunction with the Technical Seminars. This course is an excellent primer for professionals who want to pursue ASCS certification. The ASCS is the basis for a career in HVAC system cleaning, and is the certification most frequently requested by consumers and commercial users.

NADCA’s Technical Seminars provide business owners with an opportunity to invest in their best assets – their personnel. In addition to helping business owners provide better service to their customers, the Technical Seminars help prepare employees for a professional career in HVAC cleaning.

NADCA has made training a priority again in 2008, and this is expected to continue into the future. For information about NADCA’s Technical Seminars, or other NADCA initiatives, contact NADCA staff at (202) 737-2926 or visit