NADCA was recently accepted as a partner of the ENERGY STAR Program, a development that supports the Association’s initiative to take part in the growing movement toward energy efficiency.

In order to effectively spread the message about ENERGY STAR and its importance, NADCA members are encouraged to submit an application to also become partners of the program. Members should take several minutes to apply for the ENERGY STAR program at

The goal of the ENERGY STAR program is to “identify and promote energy-efficient products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” The program was established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and its mission was expanded in 1996 through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy. The ENERGY STAR label is found on many household appliances, lighting and electronics.

NADCA strongly supports the mission of the ENERGY STAR program. Earlier this year, the Association announced its partnership with the University of Colorado for an ongoing research project to determine the energy saving benefits of HVAC maintenance. This research project, in addition to NADCA’s recent acceptance as an ENERGY STAR partner, will increase public awareness of the services provided by the Association’s membership.

The ENERGY STAR guidelines supported the importance of cleaning coils and filters even prior to NADCA’s partnership with the program. On the ENERGY STAR Web site, a free document entitled “A Guide to Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling” advises consumers to keep indoor and outdoor coils clean.

The document states: “A dirty coil reduces the system’s ability to cool your home and causes the system to run longer, costing you more energy dollars and decreasing the life of the equipment.” Consumers are also advised to clean and adjust HVAC components to ensure proper system airflow. “Proper airflow over the indoor coil is necessary for efficient equipment operation and reliability,” according to ENERGY STAR’s guide.

These concerns raised by ENERGY STAR are fully addressed within NADCA’s recommendations for whole-system cleaning. Recognizing the need for energy efficiency and indoor air quality, the NADCA Standard identifies air filters as one of the HVAC system components that must be addressed in every properly performed HVAC cleaning job. The NADCA Standard also states that the HVAC system coils, evaporator and condenser, must be cleaned.

In keeping with the strategic plan announced during the 2008 Annual Meeting & Exposition, NADCA is committed to identifying ways it can support and stay informed of opportunities to align members with the “green” movement. Through initiatives such as the ENERGY STAR partnership and the University of Colorado research project, NADCA will continue to focus on promoting its members’ services as energy efficient.