During the 6th Annual Water Out Convention, Charles Cressy, president of Water Out Drying Corp., unveiled the Water Out Clean Air Portable Drying System.

“Over the past five years, many Water Out licensees reported that some insurance companies felt that the Water Out drying trailer was overkill on smaller water loss projects,” Cressy said. “The new, patented portable unit is the answer to that objection as well as to high-rise buildings and urban settings where space for large equipment is limited.”

Kelly Cressy, director of marketing, said, “One of the most efficient LGR dehumidifiers has a maximum water removal capability of 15.75 gallons of water at AHAM. AHAM is a test rating with conditions consistent of 80°F and 60 percent RH. As real-world drying conditions vary from these parameters LGRs lose efficiency and will remove less water. The Water Out portable is rated to remove 90 gallons of water at all conditions.”