It’s interesting how many topics related to restoration work come back to the necessity of understanding our clients. When you have a hoarding job, for example, it’s key to gain that person’s trust as quickly as possible. At a home where there has been a kitchen fire and you have done everything in your toolbox to eliminate the odor, but the homeowner still says they smell smoke, having an understanding of them and the science behind smells can help you overcome the challenge.

Likewise, when you encounter a mom who lives in a moldy house and is sick all the time, there might just be something to that. Could understanding her needs help you better serve her if she is one of the thousands of people who are sensitive to mold?

Restoration companies are big on training crews on how to relate to customers and “sell jobs”, if you will. Your team knows they will encounter a wide array of emotions when they arrive at a loss, and know it is key to gain the trust of the property owner quickly. But how well-trained are they on the differences in what customers are facing on mold, fire, forensic, and other jobs? Not all jobs are created equal, and neither are customers.

This issue of R&R is packed full of articles that can educate you and anyone else in your company on mold-sensitized individuals (page 28), emotions after a fire and how contents cleaning can help you connect (page 24), and hoarding (page 20).

Plus, I would challenge you to really dive into Katie Smith’s article on the importance of relationships within our industry! She shares some major wisdom on page 32.

Wishing you a profitable, rewarding 2018!