In the last year alone, R&R has experienced explosive growth – and that is thanks to YOU! The more you succeed at helping people and restoring lives, the more we can succeed – and continue sharing and creating content that matters to you.

Today, we are the same magazine you have relied on for the last decade. We are still bringing you the latest innovations in restoration, technology, drying and odor removal techniques, contents cleaning advice, business management tips, and more. But we are excited to now have a look to match how we feel – at the top of our game!

It is our goal at R&R to deliver information and knowledge to you in every possible way through print, digital issues, emails, videos, webinars, and any other avenue we think might reach your ears and eyes. What can we say… we love this industry, and want to help you succeed in the best way we know how!

I cannot believe I spent so many years on the TV and newspaper side of the disaster world and never even knew an industry like this existed. I saw the fires and floods when they happened, the devastation. And then, I packed up and left. How often do you see news stories about life getting back to normal? Unfortunately – those stories don’t make very good headlines, at least in the eyes of news directors and newspaper publishers. They tend to prefer fear mongering and words that automatically trigger negative emotions, like asbestos (see page 12), but I digress.

The R&R story begins when those news crews pack up and head to their next assignment. We want to share the success stories ... difficult or unusual restoration projects, innovative techniques, and advice on handling any job big of small. Sharing Jarrett Dixon’s story in the August issue was one of my favorite to date, and of restorer Josh Decker and his work to help a third generation hoarder in July. 

You are all silent, everyday heroes. We want the pages of R&R to reflect this industry’s passion, skill, and unwavering desire to help people. This is your magazine. We hope you enjoy the new, refreshed look – filled, as always, with articles and news relevant to you.

As Tom Cline explains on page 22, it’s about what you can do for your client, not the other way around.

Shoot me an email, question, or article topic idea any time! I’m here for you!