This month marks a full year since I left the world of TV news behind and picked up the R&R torch. So, this year’s 2016 International Restoration Convention & Industry Expo in Orlando several weeks ago really felt like things coming full circle for me. I fully remember feeling totally green and out of my element when I walked into the Rio in Las Vegas last May for the RIA show.

Just three weeks into my job at R&R, I had no idea what to expect, no real idea what RIA was let alone the large and important role it plays in the industry, nor even really what the titles of some of the breakout sessions meant. I mean…the ANSI/IICRC S500… huh? (You’ll be happy to know, I’m educated on the subject now, thanks especially to the recent major revision.) It was also during that show that I had the privilege of meeting a number of people in the restoration and remediation industry who welcomed me with open arms, as really this industry does for many.

So, I found this year’s RIA show especially exciting because it gave me a glimpse of how many people I’ve come to know, and how much I’ve learned in one short year. Trust me, I understand I only have touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to industry knowledge. However, being the editor of R&R has given me what I believe to be a unique position of being able to surround myself with the top minds in the industry each and every day. And that’s a rolodex I try to expand daily.
Personal sappiness aside, check out a recap of this year’s International Restoration Convention & Industry Expo – celebrating 70 years of RIA history – on page 38. You can also check out a video interview with ARMR’s Kari Dybdahl from the show floor at RIA and She’s loaded with insurance policy tips for restoration contractors!

I would also like to point you toward our cover story by Michael Pinto based on his research on mold stain removers in the industry on page 18. It’s important to remember the way an area looks can play a large role in the satisfaction of a customer after a remediation job.

Thank you to everyone who has made me feel so welcomed in this industry. I hope I get to stick around awhile.