Last month, my husband ordered something from a company that sells through Not only did the company offer free shipping on the minimal $6 purchase, our item arrived in a few short days. Enclosed, I found our product, a receipt, plus these three additional sheets. This company is clearly in to making their customers happy!

The white sheet was a thank you note from the president of the company, signed personally by him – not just a copy of his signature printed out en masse. The red sheet was offering a free memory card holder for reviewing the company on Amazon; the third was a card once again asking the customer to give feedback.

Wow, right?! This company really goes above and beyond to get good ratings, and in turn grow their business. After all, how likely are you to purchase something on Amazon from a poorly rated company?

How far do you go to make sure your customers are satisfied? Word of mouth can be one of the greatest ways to grow your business! Many restoration companies I’ve spoken with pride themselves in knowing their community knows their name – and knows their quality of work. That doesn’t happen by doing the bare minimum on every job,

or lacking compassion for your clients. Restorers find themselves in a unique situation where they need to mix compassion and care with quick, quality work. When you find that happy medium, you find happy customers who tell their friends, acquaintances, coworkers and others about you.

How often do you ask satisfied customers for a testimonial for your website or social media page? Sure, it can be an uncomfortable thing to ask, but with a little encouragement and your smart phone, it just takes a few moments of your customer’s time. Those testimonials will mean more to future potential customers than anything you can say to try to get their business.

As always, thanks for reading R&R!