Bio-recovery and trauma cleaning is far from glamorous, but it’s a job that someone has to do. While many of you who are reading this now may already be working in the biohazard field, many more of you may be thinking about getting into it in the future. If you’re among the latter, you may be wondering what it’s actually like working a day in the life of a bio professional. And that brings us to a recent story in the Pittsburgh Business Times.

The piece features Andrew Whitmarsh, operations safety trainer, Aftermath, Inc., and takes the reader on a behind the scenes look at the life of a biohazard professional. Just think of it as a “Bio-Recovery All-Access.”

 The story in the Pittsburgh Business Times requires users to subscribe or log-in to read, but there’s also a video that’s free to watch which accompanies the story - click here to check that out. And while you’re at it, check out this piece about vehicle biohazard cleaning by Aftermath’s VP of Operations, which appeared in the September issue of R&R.