EverSmith Brands is excited to announce the acquisition of Prism Specialties which is the leader in specialty restoration projects providing the most robust range of electronics, textile, art, and document services. This investment is the latest add-on to EverSmith Brands' portfolio of B2B service-based franchise companies.

According to the 2024 IFA Economic Outlook Report, the economic output of the franchising industry is expected to grow at a 4.1% rate, reaching a total of $893.9B this year. With this projected growth, EverSmith is securing excelling brands to their portfolio, announcing Prism Specialties and U.S. Lawns in January.

Since 1993, Prism Specialties has been committed to providing expert restoration services for more specialty categories than anyone in the market.  Its strength and value stems from the original pursuit to create deep competency in each specialty.   

Prism Specialties has 103 franchised territories operating across 37 states. Prism Specialties brings a strong reputation and over 30 years of experience in providing specialty restoration services to key commercial market verticals to the EverSmith Brands platform.

“Prism Specialties represents an ideal fit for EverSmith Brands as we pursue our vision of building the industry-leading franchise platform for commercial property services,” said EverSmith Brands’ CEO, Ken Hutcheson. "We are eager to partner with the Prism Specialties team and franchise owners in writing the next chapter of the brand’s growth story.”

EverSmith Brands is a platform of strong and growing franchised brands, uniquely focused on the commercial facilities sector. Each brand is known for delivering reliable and high-quality service to commercial properties, supporting accelerated and profitable growth for franchise owners, enabling superior customer experience by leveraging technology, and creating a fun and high-performing work environment with long-term career growth opportunities.  

"Today marks a significant milestone in the continued growth of Prism Specialties.” said Chris Ring, the CEO of Prism Specialties, “This strategic move aligns with our current vision for evolution and innovation, and together with EverSmith Brands and the Riverside Company, we’re excited to accelerate our trajectory and continue adding value to the lives of our franchisees, employees and customers.”

As EverSmith Brands continues to expand its footprint and invest in the latest technology and best practices, the company is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service that customers and franchisees have come to expect.

For more information about EverSmith Brands, please visit www.eversmithbrands.com.